Simple is back

Search, check-ins, discounts,share, track your expenses.
Its harmony.

Link your credit cards to your app and
just use your cards as usual!
No surprises anymore, you can track
your expenses and keep your
friends happy with discounts.

One Big Timeline

(Go back in time and check what you spent on last Saturdays Dinner)


Think about an app which will 
let you keep track of all your credit
cards, discover & share
discounts,keep a tab on your
expenses, search offers on the go, filter
searches (Ex: womens clothing), plot
shopping track & let loose
and all with a timeline of what you
have been spending so far!

Go back in time and see what you are
spending more on

Sounds like an idea?

Hidden menus with clear interface
We dont promise you the moon!
we just want you to have a meaningful
app experience

Know more

Share Discounts
Encash Discounts
Customise preferences
for the route

Get offer notifications
when you are nearby
Start a shopping route
Recent Friends' updates/ Share discounts
Retailer Dashboard
Add discounts while in
the store

Custom discounts on

Sort options

Give away free stuff

More details to come...

Thank you for your time!